Giving a talk at PloneConf 2014

Shuttle Thread can solve a wide variety of software development problems, using and building on open source tools and libraries to both save time and make for a more maintainable end result. With over a decade of experience I strive to build fast, stable and future proof solutions.

The following gives a flavour of the sorts of things Shuttle Thread can help with:

Large-scale web applications:
The web browser is not just a viewer for HTML pages now, it is an environment for running complex applications. I can create modern Javascript applications that take advantage of this, as well as maintainable server side applications using Python frameworks such as Flask.
Development for research projects:
Research projects for many disciplines have large amounts of data associated with them, and the software to help manage this can nearly be as complicated as the research itself. I have worked on this aspect in grant applications (including funded FP7 and H2020 projects), worked with researchers to understand the field and produced R packages to enable them to do their work. Here keeping software open-sourced and well tested is particularly important, as it adds to the confidence in any results published and allows results to be reproduced.
Database development:
Underpinning many projects is a database, using previous experience I can create performant and future-proof schemas. From traditional DBMS's such as PostgreSQL
Website content management:
For content-heavy websites I have both developed CMS systems from scratch as well as using the open-source Plone CMS to allow you to manage your own content. I can work with you to help define a structure to best suit your content and a workflow to fit your team.
IoT Linux development:
I can also write software for more constrained Linux environments, and work on Linux support for embedded devices. I can also use tools such as Yocto and Buildroot to create maintainable custom environments for small devices.
Test Driven Development advocacy:
Not only do I insist on rigorous testing and documentation for my own work, I have assisted other teams to kick-start their own testing strategy.

Jamie Lentin

I have been involved in software development professionally since the turn of the century, and have had experience of client-side Javascript all the way down to writing device drivers for Linux. However the core tools I use are Python, R and Javascript to create large web-orientated applications.

Whenever possible I contribute code back to the upstream projects, either to ensure your devices will be supported in the future, to make sure that you can upgrade in the future, or simply because it's something I enjoy doing and a process I believe in.

Before Shuttle Thread, I worked at the BBC as a lead developer / architect on many in-house content management projects, using both relational databases and XML to represent data.